Top rare earth magnet news you’ve missed this past month
September 12, 2023

In the fast-paced world of technology and industry, developments in materials science often go unnoticed by the general public. However, for those in the know, rare earth magnets are a critical component in numerous applications, from electric vehicles to renewable energy. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the top rare earth magnet news from the past month that you might have missed, shedding light on exciting breakthroughs and their potential impact on various industries.

Top rare earth magnet news you’ve missed this past month

Here is a list of the latest news worldwide surrounding the rare earth industry: 

Breakthrough in Rare Earth Magnet Recycling 


The scarcity of rare earth elements has long been a concern for industries dependent on rare earth magnets. However, there’s good news on the horizon. Researchers have made significant strides in the recycling of rare earth magnets. By developing more efficient separation techniques, they are now able to recover and reuse these valuable materials, reducing the need for new mining operations and minimizing environmental impact.

This breakthrough is not only a sustainability win but also a cost-saving measure for industries relying on rare earth magnets. With the recycling process becoming more viable, we can expect to see a decrease in the price volatility of these crucial materials.


September 2023: Ground-breaking magnet milestone at the end of a rainbow?

A ground-breaking milestone has been achieved by producing the first mixed rare earth sulphate from a South African pilot plant. Rainbow, a UK tech company plans to have a first batch of separated rare earth oxides early next quarter. This discovery is promising a sustainable and innovative future in high-tech applications.

 Take a look at the full article here.


Rare Earth Magnets in Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Rare Earth Magnets in Electric Vehicles (EVs) 


The electric vehicle industry continues to grow, and rare earth magnets play a crucial role in making EVs more energy-efficient. In recent news, major automakers have announced plans to increase the use of rare earth magnets in electric motors. This shift towards rare earth magnets is driven by their superior performance compared to traditional magnets, leading to improved range and efficiency in electric vehicles.

As more automakers adopt rare earth magnets in their EVs, we can anticipate a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a more sustainable transportation sector. This transition could also lead to increased demand for rare earth magnets, driving further advancements in their production and recycling processes.


August 2023: A radical new metal from outer space

Have we found a new metal to help revolutionize global technology production? This metal extracted from a meteorite in the 60’s is a breakthrough that could transform battery-dependent technologies such as EV’s and energy storage systems.

Take a look at the full article here.

Rare Earth Magnets in Renewable Energy 

Rare Earth Magnets in Renewable Energy 

Renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and generators, heavily rely on rare earth magnets for their efficiency and power generation. Recent developments in the wind energy sector include the integration of larger and more powerful rare earth magnets into wind turbine designs.

These innovations promise to boost the efficiency of wind turbines, making renewable energy even more competitive with traditional fossil fuels. As the world seeks to transition to cleaner energy sources, advancements in rare earth magnet technology are playing a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

August 2023: Aberdeen firm leads research to extract rare metals from wind turbines 

An Aberdeen firm and University of Edinburgh researchers are partnering to extract rare elements from waste alloy metals. Recovering these elements from machinery like old 

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Other useful resources surrounding rare earth magnets

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Rare earth magnets may not be in the spotlight often, but their impact on various industries is undeniable. From sustainability efforts to technological advancements, these magnets are at the heart of many crucial innovations. As we continue to push the boundaries of what rare earth magnets can achieve, we can expect even more exciting developments in the coming months and years.

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