A vast array of industries count on TyTek for money-saving, continuous, on-the-spot supervision and crystal clear communications.


Products and solutions that withstand the harshest conditions

Imaginative thinking by the people at TyTek Industries, combined with their experienced and innovative engineering skills, have been behind the design or improvement to many medical and rescue products in use today all over the world.

If your product need is for the medical and rescue professions, TyTek has the expertise and experience to get it ready for market.

The photos on this page represent just a small sample of TyTek’s experience serving the Medical & Rescue Professions.


Manufactured for less without sacrificing quality

There are many good reasons why TyTek Industries has become a highly qualified ‘one stop shop’ for precision automotive components.

For example, we supply magnets and magnetic assemblies in ferrite, NdFeB and Alnico for position sensors, electric motors and dashboard instruments. TyTek also supplies a range of automotive components, from die castings in Zn, Al or Mg to small stampings and springs – many shipped to multiple plant locations from our fully qualified QS9000 factories in China.

Our general and engineering management team of seasoned automotive component suppliers is fully committed to satisfying your needs.

The photos on this page showcase a small sample of our experience serving the Automotive Industry.

Appliance and Electric Motor Components

Quality comes as standard

TyTek Industries supplies die castings, plastic moldings, stampings and springs, as well as magnet components used in sensing and/or electric motors, for virtually any type of free standing or hand held appliance. Our engineering support – located both in the U.S. and in China – assists our clients in material selection for weight, strength or aesthetic issues.
Equally as important, we are always there to assist you from the start to the finish – the delivery – of your components.

The photos on this page represent just a small sample of TyTek’s experience supplying components for appliances and electric motors.


Molded, stamped and casted with American quality and China

Our growth into the manufacture of finished consumer products has
largely been due to word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. For example, a wine bottle opener utilizing our plastic injection molding, zinc die casting, stamping and wire forming capabilities. Then, there’s a touch screen cleaner assembled with plastic moldings and sewn microfiber. Or, a fluid level sensor that utilizes Alnico magnets insertmolded into a plastic housing.

By utilizing our specialized computer modeling programs, our clients easily visualize designs and design modifications immediately. Prototype sampling is also achieved very quickly, vastly reducing the time it takes to bring a product to market. And to complete our consumer products services, we also develop packaging solutions that enable products to go from factory to store shelf without additional handling.

The photos on this page represent just a small sample of our experience manufacturing consumer products.


TyTek will make it better for you

Think about this wide array of products:

  • Die casting
  • Gas and pneumatic valves
  • Beverage dispensing hardware assembled with plastic injection moldings
  • Magnetic assemblies for hanging retail signage
  • Even sewn chefs’ aprons.

TyTek is experienced in them all. We have saved our customers substantial amounts in producing those products and simultaneously improved product quality and reduced scrap rates.

With an engineering staff both in the U.S. and in China, TyTek makes the overseas manufacture and delivery of components a breeze, giving you the confidence to work with us.

These images represent just a small sample of TyTek’s experience
manufacturing general industrial components.



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TyTek Industries can help you to make your dreams a reality by taking your product ideas and solutions to market. We are Contract Turnkey Manufacturers for Industry and Entrepreneurs.

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