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Appetite for Destruction: Are we doing all we can to protect our planet?

We’re currently living through a technological revolution which is fundamentally altering the way we live and work. The transformation is unquestionably unlike anything we have experienced before! Everyone is working at the speed of light, however, are we forgetting about the overabundance of waste we’re creating? As the sea fills with plastic and fossil fuels are pumped into the skies, future generations may not recognise us for the good we do, but the bad we create.

 Today we look at five ways manufacturing companies can help protect the planet.

 1. Consider the materials you’re using

America only recycles 10% of the countries plastic waste, with the rest adding to the world's pollution! Ask yourself, are the materials I use biodegradable? Are they non-toxic? If the answer is no, it’s time to think about how you can weave sustainability into your product design.We need to consider the bigger picture and stop ignoring the problem that is slowly drowning us. The key is to keep an open mind, think forward, as the industry develops, there will be new, innovative ways of manufacturing, more environmentally friendly processes and materials to use.

 2. Do you know how much energy your business consumes?

 Manufacturing companies simply cannot function without a huge amount of energy consumption, but do you monitor your raw-energy usage?Renewable energy offers endless possibilities, we can use the planet to create energy rather than destroying it with man-made energy quick fixes. From wind, sunlight, rain, waves and tides there is a sustainable solution for all types of businesses.

 3. Every little helps 

 Become a ‘Go Green’ business and educate your staff on the steps that can be taken to protect our planet. Provide recycling bins in workspaces, use low-power LED lighting, whilst accommodating staff that choose to cycle to work.By enforcing an eco-friendly attitude within the workplace employees are more likely to implement the philosophy at home.

 4. Reduce where you can 

 Cars and trucks are one of the leading causes of air pollution in America - It’s important to consider your carbon footprint, where are your products travelling to and what transportation are you using? Enacting a reshoring strategy may lessen your transportation and fuel usage. It doesn’t just contribute to the environment but can also help your local economy by favoring local manufacturing businesses.

 5. Go digital

 The digital revolution has given our planet a new lease of life in more ways than one. With a vast amount of digital facilities that businesses can use - From digital downloads that replace CDs and DVDs to paperless storage solutions. Paper production in recent decades has caused a serious epidemic as many of our trees are reaching extinction. Going digital is a great initiative for businesses to stop paper waste. Our trees are crucial to the environment as they collectively act as ‘lungs of the earth’ and keep us and every living creature alive. 

 We all contribute to a world where nature is succumbing to industrial pollution. As an intelligent species we should all be harnessing what nature gives us to adapt and solve the problems we have helped to create.

 It’s time for a new plan A - There is no planet B…