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New Product? No problem!

New Product Development is a simple concept.

It’s the process of bringing a new product into the marketplace.

Your business may need to engage in this process due to increasing competition, changes in consumer preferences and advances in technology, or to capitalise on a new opportunity.

Innovative entrepreneurs and businesses thrive by understanding what their audience wants, making smart product improvements, and developing new products that meet and exceed their customers' expectations.

And that’s where TyTek Industries comes in.

We’ll help bring your bright idea into a real life, marketable solution.

But, why is New Product Development so important? Here’s our top 10 reasons, with some pretty impressive examples that are top sellers with a certain online retailer.

1. Meet the needs of your customer
One innovator created a steel, reusable straw that not only meets the needs of customer but is sustainable and eco-friendly, very important in today’s crowded market. One reviewer simply said: “They thought of everything!”

2. Stand out from competitors
Anything that makes a mundane task just a bit more interesting is a winner in our book - The Besmon egg peeler promises to take an eggshell off without any hassle, within five minutes.

3. Grow in leaps and bounds
Wacaco created the perfect addition to any coffee-lovers toolkit - A portable, travel-friendly espresso maker. One reviewer even deemed the smart invention their “greatest purchase” of the year!

4. Creative development
AYL created a genius speaker that allows you to listen to music or podcasts while you shower, camp, or sit by the pool!

5. Reinforce your brand
Sunbeam are constantly creating new electrical products. One of their most hailed products is a Heated Mattress - with one reviewer saying: “It’s a game changer for back pains!”

6. Respond to competition
One invention by KitchenAid promises a mess free hand blender that you can use right in your pot. It’s helped them to ‘clean up’ in the marketplace.

7. Have a unique selling point
An inventor has created a pivot power outlet that can hold large adapters in every outlet! It’s also got the ability to bend into circular, semi-circular, and zig-zag shapes.

8. Solve problems
One genius invention takes some of the work out of food prep - An electric vegetable peeler that works in seconds and gets rid the peel from your veggies or fruit.

9. Be an innovator
There’s nothing worse that eyeshadow spill over perfected foundation and concealer, right? Innovator Michelle Villanueva came to the rescue with an eye shadow shield that protects under eye from makeup residue.

10. Explore technology
Steamfast ironed out their customers problems by creating the world's smallest steam iron! With a mighty ability and enough strength for everyday use - this is a great example of innovation.

Are you seeking out technical expertise to help turn your dreams into a reality?

When working with TyTek, we’ll be on hand to oversee every step of your product’s development, from design to manufacture to delivery.

Our philosophy is simple and direct - we do everything humanly and technologically possible to help you design, develop and deliver your Eureka moment!

So if you’ve got a product, be it new or existing, get in contact today.