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Mold your future with TyTek Industries

Are you looking for a team of Plastic Injection Molding experts to bring your vision to life?

Whether you want to create a prototype or go into full production - we have the facilities and expertise to do this very quickly, with unrivalled accuracy and costs.

Plastic injection molding is the process of melting plastic pellets that once malleable enough, are injected at pressure into a mould cavity, which fills and solidifies to produce the final product.

Due to its ability to produce a high volume of precision quality parts, it has become widely used in manufacturing processes for industries such as medical & pharmaceutical and food & beverage.

It’s also used to produce products ranging from automotive and airplane components, to bottle caps, musical instrument parts and hair combs. Plus, a variety of plastic compounds can be used in the process, such as nylon, acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene and thermoplastic polyurethane.

Here are the top eight advantages of this process

  1. You can simultaneously use different types of plastic. Complex part designs often require components made of different materials - our engineers can ensure that they are compatible under all conditions.
  2. The process is incredibly efficient. Once the injection mold has been designed to our clients specifications, the molding process itself is fast - especially when compared to other methods of molding.
  3. It’s resourceful. The need to be sustainable has never been more important. Only as much plastic as is necessary is used to create the part, any excess plastic can be ground up and recycled afterwards.
  4. Its accuracy is unparalleled. Another reason the method is so popular is because it’s so precise and can fabricate almost every type of plastic.
  5. It can handle complex, detailed designs. Not only can it make millions of identical parts, it can handle extremely complex parts and designs.
  6. You can use a variety of colors and materials. Getting the color and material right is an essential part of the project - but with the developments in plastic, the choices are virtually endless.
  7. The parts are strong and long lasting. Fillers can be used to enhance the strength of the moldings, which also makes them more durable.
  8. Low labor costs. Automated machinery keeps the production ongoing, requiring minimal supervision.

So, where does TyTek come in? If you want the benefit of low costs whilst still receiving full-service injection molded solutions - you need TyTek Industries.

We predominantly specialize in over molding, insert molding and plastic injection molding and assemblies.

We can also deliver added value operations, such as lating, vacuum metalizing, assembly, packaging, and even custom packaging and private labeling.

And if you need design or engineering support, our US based specialists will be at hand to optimize tool design.

Over 70 years of injection molding experience spans across our team - so if you’ve got a project, be in new or existing, we can guarantee unrivalled support and results from start to finish.

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