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Create Domestic Bliss with our Ten Magnetic Tricks

All you’ll need to try most of these magnet tricks at home are some magnets and a hot-glue gun. In some cases, you will need a spring from a pen, some magnetic paint and perhaps a drill, but most of these magnet hacks can be achieved with the simplest of tools.


1. A Magnetic Knife Rack

We’ve all seen these, so you may be wondering why this is on the list. Well, it’s here because like us, we urge you to think outside the box a little. Rather than buying a magnetic strip and bolting it to your wall, why not get a beautiful piece of wood, drill some holes in the back for some powerful magnets and glue them in place. Then attach it to the wall, and you have an Attractive Assembly Answer!


2. Create A Spice Rack

Place your spices in metal containers with see through lids (these can be purchased from Amazon or eBay). Then, you can attach magnets to the bottom with hot glue or E-6000 glue and arrange them on the fridge. This way your spices, or anything else for that matter, are always within reach whenever you need them.


3. Keep Snacks Fresh

Feeling full? Take the packet of snacks that you want to finish later, fold the top down a few times and then place a magnet on either side of the pack. This will keep your goodies fresh; crisps, sweets, popcorn, chocolate, anything!


4. Hang Posters on Your Wall

You’ll need some magnetic paint to paint over the wall (you can paint the wall the colour of your choosing after this). Now, you can stick magnets to your posters and easily hang them without any damage being done to the wall.


5. Organise Your Makeup

This little trick is much like the spice rack one, just glue magnets to the underside of your makeup containers then use magnetic paint to paint a piece of wood that will fit in a cheap picture frame. Now, you can hang this up next to your mirror with your makeup ready to grab.


6. Sew with Ease

Grab a bowl, stick some magnets to the bottom of it and there you go. Now you can keep pins, needles and scissors safe and sound while sewing and never lose any again!


7. Replace Paper Clips

All the benefits of a paper clip but more robust. Place a magnet either side of the papers you need holding together and problem solved. If you use strong magnets, they can hold far more paper together than a paper clip can.


8. Organise Your Desk

Grab yourself a pen with a spring, take the spring and wrap it around the cable, glue a magnet to the side of your desk and keep all your cables handy, but not in the way.


9. Dropped Screws

Dropped a box of nails or screws? Grab the box, put a magnet on the underside of it and hold it in the palm of your hand. Move the box over the mountain of screws or nails and collect them all up easily. This is particularly great in a woodworking shed as no wood will get mixed up with the screws.


10. Top pocket screw storage

Need to grab your screws quickly? Place a magnet in your shirt pocket to hold screws on the outside of your shirt. This way they aren’t in the way, but they can be grabbed easily. You can also do the same trick with a sweatband on your wrist.


What magnet tricks do you use around the home? We'd love to hear. You can sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter @TyTekMagnetics to keep up to date with magnet news from around the world.