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How to Improve Productivity with 5 Minutes per Day - A Method used by Entrepreneurs

We are all swamped with many tasks during our working days, whether we’re business owners or employees. Engineers can be brilliant at problem solving as it’s in their nature, however even for the most effective time managers among us, productivity can become a challenge to stay on top of. We’re all human and can only do one thing at a time (within reason) so taking the time to become more productive can be very beneficial for personal development and business longevity.

What can you do to improve productivity?

Everybody can benefit from better time management in their lives, from worklife to home life. Juggling tasks and completing them all can be tricky, so here’s a 5 minute timebox method used by entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates and more:

“The 5-minute timebox method is a productivity technique that involves setting aside five minutes on your schedule to get all of your tasks done for the day.” - Forbes

That may seem like a very short amount of time to get things done, however it’s all about prioritizing what tasks you need to complete on that specific day. Do you have a meeting to prepare for next week? Don’t spend your 5 minutes on that. So first things first, you need to compose a list of necessary tasks for the day. By setting aside time slots, you can ensure that you’re utilizing your day to its full potential and actually getting things done. How does the 5 minute time slot improve productivity? By adjusting your focus you can have tunnel vision on those tasks, avoiding distraction. This ensures that you can complete tasks efficiently, rather than starting many and never fully completing them. 

What are the benefits?

Why would you choose to use the 5 minute method? When used properly and consistently, there can be a few immediate benefits such as:

  • Less overtime worked with a more constructive plan
  • Better business organization, leading to more success
  • Potential higher morale due to achieving tasks on time

If you’re a business looking to strive and achieve longevity then improving processes should always be on your radar. Processes are not only manufacturing, but end-to-end which starts with planning. A business who is always looking at developments tends to succeed more and retain staff and customers, which is why it’s always worth looking at how to improve productivity. Staying open-minded to new methods of working is also a key factor in making change, as not all methods work for everybody. However, if they’ve worked for influential and successful business people such as Elon Musk, then it’s most definitely worth trying out! 

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