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Reused Shipping Containers Help Create World Cup Eco-Friendly Stadium

Designed to celebrate the maritime and industrial heritage of Doha in Qatar, the Spanish studio Fenwick Iribarren Architects is celebrating the completion of its ambitious Stadium 974 ahead of 2022’s FIFA World Cup.

The concept of the 40,000-seat Stadium 974 had sustainability at its core, with reused shipping containers and a modular steel structure making Stadium 974 the first in FIFA World Cup history to be fully demountable.

The eco-friendly designers also used prefabricated and modular elements, which reduced the waste generated during production of stadium components and the waste created on site during construction. The use of modular elements also reduced the venue’s construction duration.

The reused shipping containers also meant the construction of the stadium was cost-effective whilst making it a swifter building process.  The shipping containers were also used to transport materials to the stadium’s construction site – uniquely killing two birds with one stone.

Mohammed al Mulla, Stadium 974’s Precinct Director, said: ‘The stadium is situated near Doha Port, Hamad International Airport and Doha airport. It will be the first stadium fans see when they arrive in qatar. in more ways than one, it can be regarded as a gateway to the country.

Our original idea was actually inspired by a Lego set and we eventually decided to use shipping containers and recycled steel for the stadium. These elements can both be recycled after the tournament if necessary.’

The construction model of Stadium 974, where seven matches will be played by teams from across the world and took its name from the number of shopping containers used in its construction, stands it in good stead for a 4-star global sustainability assessment system (GSAS) certification.

Source: Design Boom