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TyTek Industries expertise in magnet assembly work unlocks huge potential for generating exceptional value-added savings. We have been in the business of producing magnets and magnetic assemblies for over two decades, serving a wide variety of aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing clients.

We offer a diverse range in magnets: Rare earth, Ferrite, Alnico and Soft Ferrites (electromagnets) and with our large stock, we can meet short delivery times. Furthermore, our test center and laboratory ensures guaranteed quality and specifications of our magnets before shipment, so you can be sure to count on us. Many of our customers come to us with unique challenges that entail designing and producing customized and often very complex magnetic assemblies. Regardless of the difficulty or size no project is beyond our scope, as our vast expanse of knowledge elevates us above all.

We are proud of our NdFeB and assembly facilities in China, this gives us full control of the actual manufacturing of the magnets all the way through the production process from design through to completion. In turn this provides our customers with confidence, competitive pricing and a reliable and secure supply chain.

We supervise and monitor every step of the process for you in factories that are ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14000 certified.






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TyTek Industries can help you to make your dreams a reality by taking your product ideas and solutions to market. We are Contract Turnkey Manufacturers for Industry and Entrepreneurs.

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