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Flexible Bonded SmCo Magnets from TyTek Magnetics

Grade: FBSC-350

TyTek Industries FBSC-350 magnets are flexible, rubber-like, bonded SmCo composite magnets that combine superior magnetic properties with flexibility and exceptional temperature coefficients. These materials are not only highly resistant to demagnetization, but they can also be manufactured in cut pieces or continuous lengths.

Rubber bonded magnets utilizing SmCo powders are produced in conjunction with quality natural and/or synthetic rubbers. The compound of rubber materials and magnetic powder is then extruded in a die to the desired cross sectional geometry.

This process delivers good dimensional characteristics with consistent, homogeneous magnetic properties. Standard as formed dimensional tolerances are typically ±.005″ on thickness, ±.015″ on width, and ±.01 5″ or ±0.5%, whichever is greater on length. Tighter tolerances are negotiable.

Typical applications include speed sensors, position sensors, rotary sensors, and linear output sensors.



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