Frequently Asked Questions about TyTek Industries Turnkey Contract Manufacturing

Is TyTek an American company?

Yes, TyTek Industries Inc is a privately owned American company based in Cincinnati Ohio, we have an office in China and in the UK.  All goods are supplied from the USA.

What is a contract manufacturer?

A contract manufactures finished products under another label or brand, based on the purchasing company’s own specifications.

What contract manufacturing services does TyTek provide?

We are flexible to the customer needs; we provide a complete service from concept to production for some customers however, for some customers we simply supply components from their specification and scheduling needs.


  • Product design &Product development
  • Raw materials sourcing
  • Supply chain and delivery service
  • Manufacturing
  • Testing and quality control
Where are TyTek Industries Manufacturing partners based?

We produce many products in China however, we work with manufacturing partners all over the globe.  Most importantly we work with our customers supply requirements to select the most suitable manufacturing partner (location may not be a factor, raw material supply, expertise, cost and quality).  All our manufacturing partners are inspected and audited to high standards prior to supply to ensure the best quality service and product.

Does TyTek Industries Inc have a minimum volume requirement?

Due to investment of the manufacturing partner adding capacity or additional manufacturing lines TyTek Industries suggests that you get in touch to discuss your project, as no two projects are the same, we can confirm the minimum annual volume requirement.

Can TyTek Produce Samples?

We always recommend a smaller run of samples prior to full production order.

Why choose TyTek Industries?

TyTek Industries has over 100 years of manufacturing and engineering experience, with expertise knowledge in magnetics and load cells.  We are ISO certified.

How long does it take to receive a quotation?

It really depends on the project requirements, if engineering support is needed and how complex the product or component is, no two projects are the same. If drawings are provided and no engineering support is required, then we should be able to provide a quotation within a day or so.

TyTek Industries can help you to make your dreams a reality by taking your product ideas and solutions to market. We are Contract Turnkey Manufacturers for Industry and Entrepreneurs.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard

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