In the US the water crisis is becoming increasingly challenging, with many areas across the country suffering with extreme drought conditions. The core mission for Soler Solutions is to improve water access for subsistence farmers in the developing world, addressing poverty, health, and quality of life, as well as providing a cost-effective, sustainable method of water movement to the horticulture industry.

We took a hard look at the issues and with a team including our engineers, academics and the charity sector set out on a journey to address the water crisis. Affordability and simplicity were the key to making a product that would rise to the challenges that communities faced in parts of the world that were most affected. This was our starting position.



With TyTek’s engineering and manufacturing expertise in combination with Soler’s mission, we collaboratively created a product that is unique in the market. Introducing the world’s first out the of box, plug-and-play water movement system. The innovative product was designed for those with a water source to reach crops and plants, feed livestock, or simply remove standing water.

We visited factories in our supply chain that could make a robust frame based on our drawings and sourced the largest, most manageable solar panel to ensure portability. Lastly, we tested water pumps that had the most reach and decided, on the power the sun gave us, that 140 feet of range would be the most effective based upon our research of average well depths.

This is especially pertinent on farmland where old windmills are particularly difficult to fix, in terms of finding replacement parts and the skill set required to maintain them. We hear, time and time again that this is becoming increasingly difficult.


The collaborative effort has resulted in a product that is one of it’s kind, able to provide a sustainable water movement solution to the agriculture and horticulture sectors. Not only this, the solar-powered water pump system has since been donated to The St. Christophers Mission in Bluff, Utah, to enable the Navajoland community to thrive once again, ensuring a consistent food production, even in drought and extreme heat conditions.


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