We were approached by JIBS when they became dissatisfied with the quality/consistency being provided by their initial manufacturer. They already had a working product design, but needed a more reliable production facility. Once we had the drawing files, solid models and samples, we went to work. We leveraged our supplier base to find the optimal facility to make the product, which includes both injection molded components and a final sewn assembly. We then provided samples to the customer which were of a much higher quality than they had been getting.

At this point, the true capabilities of TyTek began to show through. Through conversations with the customer about how they would like the product delivered (bulk pack, etc.), we learned that they still did not have a final saleable package solution. So, we worked with our factory to design package for individual sale, including package insert and IFU. Once this was prototyped and the customer began setting up distribution in local stores, the idea of a countertop point-of-sale display came about. Again, we went to work with our factory and developed a solution which can be shipped and then converted to this type of display.

So, what began as a fairly simple request to just make a product evolved into a complete product solution because of TyTek’s wide array of capabilities!


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