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Magnet Assemblies

Why The Word “Magnet” Needs Some Help

When you need a magnets manufacturer or complete magnetic assemblies, you need TyTek Industries. For example, magnet assemblies require qualified, highly experienced manufacturing help in order to
ensure their performance and success.

There is a wide array of magnetic materials and technical requirements – as well as manufacturing and magnetizing processes – that must be considered to make even the most simple magnets.

Some magnets manufacturers do not have the needed on-staff technical support. TyTek Industries does. We provide exactly the help
you need, when you want magnetic materials and assemblies with no sacrifice in quality or technical support. In short, we provide Attractive Assembly Answers.


Our philosophy is simple and direct. In return we’ll do everything humanly and technologically possible to help you to realize your design objectives. Download our brochure below for a full overview of the magnets we provide along with our full assembly service.

How do TyTek industries Delivers Both Low Cost and High Quality Magnets?

TyTek Industries is North America’s answer to magnetic design and assemblies. We have been in the business of producing magnets and magnetic assemblies for two decades.

Many of our customers come to us with unique challenges that entail designing and producing customized and often very complex magnetic assemblies. Regardless of the difficulty or size no project is beyond our scope. For any job that calls for magnetic assemblies or magnetic technology expertise, TyTek Industries can help.

We’ve built a great reputation serving the renewable energy (wind, wave and tidal applications), drive & motion (electrical drives, marine applications, e-mobility & hybrid solutions) and power generation markets. In addition, we serve a wide variety of aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing clients.

With offices and production facilities in the North America and China, our staff of designers, engineers, project and production managers is well positioned and well experienced to serve your magnetic needs every step of the way.

We are proud of our NdFeB and assembly facilities in China, this gives us full control of the actual manufacturing of the magnets all the way through the production process from design through to completion. In turn this provides our customers with confidence, competitive pricing and a reliable and secure supply chain.

Our large stock in magnets makes it easy to meet short delivery times and with our own test center and laboratory we measure and guarantee the quality and specifications of our magnets before shipment.

Despite enormous cost savings at the manufacturing end, the quality is world class. Our experts in supervise and monitor every step of the process for you in factories that are ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14000 certified.

The Most Difficult Magnetic Challenges Don’t Faze Us.

TyTek Industries expertise in magnetic assemblies offers the potential for additional substantial savings. We offer a diverse range of magnets – rare earth, ferrite, alnico and soft ferrites (electromagnets). We produce ferrite magnetics using sintered, extruded and injection molded processes.

We produce rare earth magnetics of sintered samarium cobalt, sintered neodymium assemblies, extruded neodymium and samarium cobalt, injection molded neodymium and samarium cobalt, and assemblies utilizing the above materials and/or processes.

Engineering, Technical and Design Support.

The many resources available to TyTek Magnetics customers include design assistance, materials selection, 3-D and magnetics modelling, mold flow analysis and a wide range of magnetic and material characteristic testing.

With 75 combined years of magnetics experience behind us, you can present us with the most simple magnet needs or the most complex, and we will meet your needs precisely.

Magnetic Assembly

TyTek Industries expertise in magnet assembly work offers the potential for additional substantial savings. A diverse range in magnets: Rare earth, ferrite, alnico and soft ferrites (electromagnets) are all available through us.

We can produce a ferrite magnetic assembly using sintered, extruded and injection molded processes.

TyTek Industries produces rare earth magnets of sintered samarium cobalt, extruded neodymium and samarium cobalt, injection molded neodymium and samarium cobalt, and rare earth magnetic assemblies.


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TyTek Industries can help you to make your dreams a reality by taking your product ideas and solutions to market. We are Contract Turnkey Manufacturers for Industry and Entrepreneurs.

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